How Can Allegra Designs Help You?
Need graphics for your growing business, a solution to your design problem, interested in redesigning your business website, or not even sure where to start? Allegra Designs has your back and together we will elevate your business to greater heights than ever before!
Allegra Designs specializes in graphic and web design, but is also here to help level up your small business marketing plan or social media presence. 
Graphic Design & Marketing
* Print & Web Graphics
* Branding & Logo Designs
* Package & Promotional Designs
* On-Call Design Consulting
* Marketing Materials
* Marketing & Social Media Plans
Web Design & User Experience
* Shopify Customization & Maintenance
* Responsive Website Designs
* Front-end Development​​​​​​​
* User Experience Design & Testing
* Email Marketing Designs
* Contest & Giveaway Landing Pages
Allegra Designs offers a variety of pricing packages in order to provide the services that best match your companies needs. If you would like to discuss alternative pricing, please reach out for a custom quote.
$62.50/hr (15 minute minimum)
[ invoiced by project, bi-weekly, or monthly ]
* Basic Assistance (will respond ASAP)
* On-Demand Design Services: Mon - Fri
* Same day assistance is not guaranteed​​​​​​​
Lite Service
$1000/mo ($1250 value)
[ up to 20 hours per month ]
* On-Call Assistance
* On-Demand Design Services: Mon - Fri
* Monthly Meetings (as needed)​​​​​​​
Advanced Service
$1800/mo ($2500 value)
[ up to 40 hours per month ]
* On-Call Assistance
* On-Demand Design Services: Mon - Fri
* Monthly Meetings (as needed)
Premium Service
$3600/mo ($5000 value)
[ up to 80 hours per month ]
* Priority On-Call Assistance
* On-Demand Design Services: Mon - Fri + Weekends (as needed)
* Weekly Stand Up Meetings (as needed)
* Travel to Meet (as needed)

Hire Allegra as Your Personal Design Assistant Today
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