Old Town Putt
Frozen Cocktail Challenge
Collateral Design
By Allegra Designs
Old Town Putt's Frozen Cocktail Challenge promotion was designed as a fun, easy, and refreshing challenge. Customers were challenged to purchase six signature frozen cocktails at Old Town Putt over one month. For each frozen cocktail purchased they received a stamp in their frozen cocktail passport. Once their passport was filled with six stamps they returned the completed passport to Old Town Putt in order to receive a limited edition Old Town Putt t-shirt.

This promotions Marketing, Collateral Design, Website Banner and Social Media Ads were all completed by Allegra Designs. The collateral was designed to maintain a cohesive look and feel across each item by reusing design elements, colors and fonts. The primary graphic features the limited edition t-shirt design created for the challenge. This not only helped tie the collateral items together but also familiarized the customers with the design of the limited edition t-shirt they would earn. 

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Frozen Cocktail Challenge: Promotional Poster Design
Frozen Cocktail Challenge: Passport - Outside
Frozen Cocktail Challenge: Passport - Inside
Frozen Cocktail Challenge: Drop Box Sign
Frozen Cocktail Challenge: Printed Collateral Set

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